mercoledì 12 maggio 2010


  • Abito / dress - Benetton
  • Blazer di velluto / velvet blazer - Zara
  • Sciarpa di lino e seta  / linen & silk scarf - Zara SS 2010
  • Stivali / boots - AS
  • Borsa  / bag  - Pink Opium

Dettagli / details

4 commenti:

  1. Ma ancora velluto e stivali?? Siamo a maggio!

  2. Eh, purtroppo un maggio piovoso e freddo da queste parti, non c'è verso di superare i 13 gradi, e piove, piove, piove ...

  3. nice look! i wanted to buy booties of the same style, ankle high. i guess in the previous comment you were asked about the weather - you reply sth about 13 degrees? i was going to ask about the weather too!

  4. @ alisasht: Welcome! Of course, in the previous comment I was talking about weather here in northern Italy. An abnormal spring, cold and exceptionally rainy. We usually have warm springs, something like 22/24 degrees in these days, very far from present values. We'll have to wait another week to finally appreciate pleasant temperatures, this is what weather forecast say.